Bright Apartment in Downtown BA! AC-WiFi-kitchen


This 3-bedroom apartment in lively Monserrat, Buenos Aires, comfortably sleeps 7.

It is perfectly situated between the modern allure of Puerto Madero and the historical charm of San Telmo. Immerse yourself in the Buenos Aires culture, with Bars, markets, and Argentine cuisine just moments away.

Whether you're exploring history or enjoying contemporary delights, this apartment is your comfortable, central base for a Buenos Aires adventure.

We are happy to help if you have any questions!

Welcome to our fantastic 3-bedroom apartment, perfect for up to 7 guests. It's got all the comforts you need, including a full bathroom with a refreshing shower and an extra half bathroom for added convenience.

In the kitchen, you'll find everything you need, even though it's on the cozy side. Gather around our spacious dining table that easily seats 8 for memorable meals.

Entertainment is covered with not one but two TVs, including a whopping 65-inch screen for movie nights.

Stay cool and comfy with individual AC units in each room. Plus, we've got you covered with a speedy 100 Mbps Wi-Fi connection, great for remote work or streaming your favorite shows.

And when you're ready to explore, you're in the perfect spot. We're close to bars, restaurants, and the vibrant nightlife of San Telmo and Puerto Madero. Whether you're here for business or pleasure, our apartment is your ideal home base in Buenos Aires.

Guests have access to the entire apartment.

Always available on Airbnb. Also Alan is reachable on Whats App

San Telmo is one of Buenos Aires' most captivating neighborhoods, brimming with rich history, vibrant culture, and a unique atmosphere. Here are some highlights that make San Telmo a must-visit destination:

Historic Streets: San Telmo boasts cobblestone streets that take you on a journey back in time. The neighborhood is one of the oldest in Buenos Aires and is characterized by its preserved colonial architecture.

Antique Markets: San Telmo is famous for its Sunday antique market on Defensa Street. You can find everything from vintage trinkets to valuable collectibles while strolling through this bustling market.

Tango Culture: San Telmo is considered the birthplace of tango, and you can still feel the heartbeat of this sultry dance form in the neighborhood. Many bars and clubs offer tango shows and lessons.

Art Galleries: The neighborhood is home to numerous art galleries and studios, showcasing the work of local and international artists. You can explore a diverse range of artistic expressions here.

Cafes and Restaurants: San Telmo is dotted with charming cafes and restaurants, offering a mix of Argentine and international cuisines. It's a great place to savor delicious empanadas, asado (Argentinian barbecue), and other culinary delights.

Street Performers: You'll often encounter street performers, including musicians and dancers, adding to the neighborhood's lively and artistic ambiance.

Plaza Dorrego: This historic square is at the heart of San Telmo and is surrounded by cafes and bars. It's a popular spot for people-watching and relaxing.

Feria de Mataderos: While not in San Telmo itself, the nearby Feria de Mataderos offers a vibrant display of Argentine folk culture, music, dance, and handicrafts. It's a short trip from San Telmo and well worth a visit.

Museums: San Telmo is home to several small museums, including the Museo de Arte Moderno and Museo Penitenciario, which provide unique insights into the city's history and art.

Bohemian Vibe: The neighborhood has a bohemian and eclectic vibe, attracting artists, musicians, and creative individuals. You'll find a welcoming and artistic community here.

San Telmo's fusion of history, culture, and creativity makes it a captivating neighborhood to explore in Buenos Aires, offering a taste of both the city's past and its vibrant present.

You can walk to most places or take a taxi. The subway is also not far.

Very convenient place to move around this area.

Ideal for Families with kids.


Air Conditioning
Free Wifi
Hair Dryer
Clothes Iron
Paid Parking