About Us

With a personalized service for our hosts and guests, Stay Hosting has grown to become a dynamic, well organized company, that in combination with a vast knowledge in the tourism industry, provides complete solutions adapted to different needs. Our mission is to help owners turn their investments into a profitable source of income by using technology and hospitality in the short term rental market.

As frequent travelers and devoted hosts, we understand the needs of modern visitors and the challenges that come with managing a private property or hotel. Today's guests expect high quality amenities and a personal service when booking a vacation rental, something that can be hard to keep up with. 

With over 15 years of experience in hospitality, financial businesses and technology we are here to provide powerful solutions to the problems that arise daily. 
Stay Hosting operates in Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina and Perú.

Meet The Team


Cecilia Vinzia

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Augusto Güller Frers

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Max Moring

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Stay Locations

Costa Rica
Operations: Maximo Moring
Cleaning: Karen Rojas
Maintenance: Jose R. Leon

Operations: Flavia Mayer
Cleaning: Marina Pomar
Maintenance: Ricardo Ruben

Stay Hosting Locations

Operations: Cecilia Cruz
Cleaning: Eugenia Fernandez
Maintenance: Dario Gutierrez

Operations: Augusto Guller Frers
Cleaning: Maria Sanchez
Maintenance: Rodolfo Guillon