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Elevate Your Rental Game: Expert Solutions for Modern Hosts and Guests

At Stay Hosting, we're dedicated to creating personalized experiences. Our company is the result of years of expertise in the tourism industry, combined with a passion for providing tailored solutions to meet diverse needs.

Our goal is to assist property owners in transforming their investments into profitable sources of income, utilizing cutting-edge technology and a hospitable approach in the short-term rental market.

As avid travelers and experienced hosts ourselves, we comprehend the expectations of modern visitors and the complexities of property management. We understand that today's guests demand top-notch amenities and personalized services when booking a vacation rental, which can be challenging to maintain consistently.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the realms of hospitality, finance, and technology, we possess the expertise to deliver robust solutions to everyday challenges. We're successfully operating in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Uruguay, catering to travelers, hosts, and investors alike.

By leveraging our resources, we offer unparalleled service and exceptional experiences throughout the region, enabling property owners to maximize their investments and visitors to make the most of their trips.

Meet the Team

A Professional Team at your Service
Joaquin Pollitzer
Partner for South American Market
Yasmin Orliacq
Administration & Bookeeping
Matias Ithuralde
Property Manager for Costa Rican Market
Alan Soding
Operations Manager for Buenos Aires Market
Augusto Güller Frers
Co Founder - Hospitality
Maximo Moring
Co Founder - Technology
Cecilia Vinzia
Co Founder - CFO
Patricio Dietze
Online Manager and Partner for Uruguay Market

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With Stay Hosting as your trusted partner, you'll have the perfect solution to navigate the dynamic landscape and seize new opportunities in the short term rental market.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Market Insights: Stay one step ahead with our in-depth market analysis and trends, giving you the edge in decision-making.

Seamless Integration: Integrate our state-of-the-art technology seamlessly into your team, ensuring a smooth operation and enhanced efficiency.

Expert Guidance: Our team of industry experts will guide you through the complexities of emerging short term rental market trends, providing tailored strategies for success.